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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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VA Funding Fee Chart

The VA funding fee chart demonstrates the various ways in which the VA funding fee applies. VA collects a premium on most loans known as the VA funding fee.

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VA Funding Fee Explained

The chart below demonstrates the various ways the VA funding fee applies. However, it generally works like this:

If you receive service related disability, the funding fee is waived in most cases, including VA IRRRL loans (The VA IRRRL loan funding fee is 0.5%). Easy enough.

Those not receiving service related disability will finance into their new loan 2.15% of the loan amount the first time they use a VA loan. The fee increases to 3.3% for each subsequent VA loan. Yes, you can use your VA home loan benefit multiple times.

The VA funding fee can be decreased for both first time and subsequent use VA borrowers. Putting 5% down decreases the funding fee to 1.5%. Put down 10% and it decreases to 1.25%.

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VA Purchase Loans

Down Payment < 5%
2.15% - First time VA loan user (non-reservist)
2.40% - First time VA loan user (reservist)
3.30% - Subsequent use VA borrowers

5% to 9.99% Down Payment
1.50% - non-reservist
1.75% - reservist

10% or more Down Payment
1.25% - non-reservist
1.50% - reservist

VA Refinance Loans

Cashout Refinance
2.15% - First time VA loan user (non-reservist)
2.40% - First time VA loan user (reservist)
3.30% - Subsequent use VA borrowers

Note: All VA loan refinances that are not Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loans (IRRRL) are considered cashout refinances.

Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan
0.50% - VA IRRRL

*The VA funding fee is added to your base loan amount. It is not something you pay out of pocket at closing.

VA Funding Fee Exemption

Veterans with service related disability of 10% or more are exempt from the VA funding fee in most cases. Your certificate of eligibility will state your exempt status.

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