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What to Expect from the What's My Payment Blog

The mortgage world is ever changing. We post commentary on situations & questions we receive most often. Got a question? Ask us.

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Mortgages are complicated. And yet they are markedly more straightforward than anytime in the last 10 years. This is good. And bad.

The misleading, stated-income, stated-asset, option-ARM, prepayment penalty balloon loan is long gone; likely forever. What's left are cookie cutter home loans (FHA, VA, 30 and 15 year fixed), only the same cookie cutter might cut a dozen differently shaped cookies. While the myriad of available financing options has dwindled to behemoth backed institutional mortgages, the remaining loan programs offer homebuyers fair and responsible methods for buying a home.

This space provides answers, advice, market conditions, loan program updates, and much more. Additionally, questions received regarding scenarios and circumstance will provide the majority of post topics.

*Every effort is made to post valid, up to date information. Mortgage guidelines and programs constantly change. Therefore, the content of each post should be viewed and used as a starting point. Please contact us for current guidelines pertaining to this post or for more information.