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Excusive mortgage leads, ad placement, page and sitewide sponsorship opportunities may be available.

www.whatsmypayment.com (WMP) is a website consisting of mortgage loan specific calculators whose visitors are determined mortgage borrowers seeking payment calculations for the most profitable loan programs (e.g. FHA, VA, USDA).

The majority of WMP users arrive via organic search for some of the most competitive keywords in any industry.

  • Leads are 100% exclusive. Never resold.
  • All leads are yours forever.
  • Leads are delivered in real time via your current lead management system.

We only sell to mortgage lenders with suberb reputations and the highest customer satisfaction scores. We respect our users and will recommend only the highest quality lender to them. Additionally...

  • Nationwide Lenders - All 50 states or very close to it.
  • Lenders offering FHA, VA, USDA, conventional (Fannie and/or Freddie), and jumbo products.

We expect only the highest level of service for our users. Please inquire only if you can demonstrate a track record of exceptional service (e.g Better Business Bureau®, LendingTree®, Zillow®)

Exclusive Mortgage Leads Include:

  • Exclusive FHA Mortgage Leads
  • Exclusive VA Mortgage Leads
  • Exclusive USDA Mortgage Leads
  • Exclusive Conventional & Jumbo Mortgage Leads

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*All calculations on www.WhatsMyPayment.com are for demonstration purposes only.
Every effort is made to maintain accurate calculations for each program listed. Actual numbers may vary.

What's My Payment, LLC & whatsmypayment.com are not affiliated with any government agency, nor do we originate mortgage loans.
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Pay everything on time. 700 plus credit score.

Good Credit

Pay on time with an occasional 30 day late payment. 640-700

Fair Credit

Some late payments and/or collections. 600-640

Poor Credit

Late payments, collections, judgments, bankruptcy. < 600

YES - Within the last three years.
YES - Between three & seven years ago.
YES - More than seven years ago.